Workshop: Softwarization and Virtualization of Optical Access Networks (OptSoft)

19 - 23 July 2020

1st Workshop on "Softwarization and Virtualization of Optical Access Networks (OptSoft)" was collocated with the 22nd International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks ICTON 2020 in Bari Italy. The present workshop aims to gather international experts for discussion of the latest advances and trends in the field of softwarization and virtualization of the optical communication systems to improve flexibility and efficiency of network operations aligned with 5G networks.

Authors are solicited to contribute to the workshop by submitting articles that illustrate research results, projects, surveying works and industrial experiences that describes significant advances. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the conference held in remote on-line version. Read more.

Workshop: Integration of Optical and Satellite Communication Systems into 5G Edge Networks (OSCto5G)

19 - 23 July 2020

In contribution with the ICTON conference 2020, we organized the 2nd workshop on "Integration of Optical and Satellite Communication Systems into 5G Edge Networks (OSCto5G)". The aim of the workshop is to focus on recent research results targeting the integration of optical and satellite communication systems into 5G edge networks.

Authors are cordially encouraged to submit full papers (recommended length 4 pages) describing original, previously unpublished, complete research, not currently under review by another conference or journal. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the conference held virtual (remotely) format. Read more.

Workshop: Integration of Satellite Systems into Terrestrial 5G Networks (ST5G)

29 June - 3 July 2020

During the IEEE NetSoft Conference 2020, we will organize the 1st workshop on "Integration of Satellite Systems into Terrestrial 5G Networks (ST5G)", a session that will focus on new research results targeting the integration of the satellite communication systems into terrestrial 5G networks, as well systems operation, trials and descriptions and service provision. The goal is to provide a blend of systems oriented and general research papers.

People wishing to submit their papers to participate in the workshop should provide quality technical papers for the academic, researcher and professional engineer covering all aspects of satellite systems, radio access, cloud and 5G Edge computing resources, networks, components and services. Read more.

H2020 SaT5G Final Review Meeting

29 April 2020

Horizon 2020 SaT5G project had a successful online review meeting with the European Commission and external reviewers. Congratulations to the SaT5G consortium for successfully completing the project, the teamwork was commendable. It was an amazing project with a wonderful team and many outstanding results. Glad to be part of this big family!

Special thanks to the SaT5G project coordinator "Avanti" and Reviewers: Malgorzata Tomala (Nokia Solutions and Networks SP Zoo; Siemens Sp. z o.o), Nuno Miguel Goncalves Borges De Carvalho (Instituto de Telecomunicacoes – Universidade de Aveiro) and Frank Otto Zeppenfeldt (ESA) for helping us to complete the final review successfully.

GEANT Project Symposium 2020 - GN4-3

4 - 6 February 2020

GN4-3 symposium 2020 kick-off with the Opening Plenary at Grand Hotel Union in the beautiful city of Ljubljana, Slovenia. Many parallel sessions, lightning talks, demonstrations and side meetings took place in context of network orchestration, automation and virtualization at the event. Moreover, we had useful project updates, enjoyed meeting with colleagues in the project and socializing with them at the symposium networking dinner at Ljubljana Castle.

Last day of GN4-3 symposium dedicated to the GEANT Work Package discussion and side meetings. During this day (6 Feb 2020, 11:00 - 12:30), I organized a side meeting about "Integration of Satellite and Terrestrial Networks at the White Hall II, Grand Hotel Union. ​

Integration of satellite and terrestrial networks can be achieved with the combination of radio networks, including core and access, and the satellite systems, with computational resources expanded from the core to the network’s edge. In this novel ecosystem, a coordination framework is an essential enabler to realize 5G vision. Combined management of different resources will be performed through a MANO-like framework. This enables terrestrial and satellite operators as well as 5G vertical providers to launch and manage end-to-end 5G services.

“Satellites and 5G”: Industry Briefing Day Workshop

27 November 2019

SaT5G Industry-day workshop presents live 5G demos over real satellite networks, bringing the importance of satellite for 5G applications to life. The workshop showcases project research findings, concepts and key innovations, as well as several software and hardware demonstrators of SaT5G’s plug-and-play solutions for satellite integration with 5G networks, including live satellite links. The demos will also showcase satellite links being incorporated in 5G use-cases developed in the project, including:

  • Backhaul to fixed 5G base-stations

  • Connection to moving platforms

  • Multi-casting to the network edge

  • Multi-linking in broadband connection to premises

During the workshop ,we have demonstrated i2CAT asset “Terrestrial and Satellite Resource Coordination Framework - TALENT" as a part of the “connection to moving platforms” demo. TALENT is a coordination solution that supports end-to-end services composed of satellite, transport, radio access and cloud/edge computing resources. It is in-line with 3GPP and ETSI definitions, extending them towards satellite systems. Read more.

7th General Assembly of H2020 SaT5G Project

29 - 31 October 2019

7th General Assembly of Horizon 2020 SaT5G project held at the 5G innovation center of University of Surrey in Guildford, United Kingdom. Partners gathered to finalize the outcome of the project in aspects of standardization bodies, business modelling and technical solutions.

Interesting discussion around SaT5G testbeds and several 5G use case demonstrations over live satellite link, as well as positioning of satellite links in the 5G network, and end-to-end service provisioning over satellite and terrestrial networks are already taking place.

The results of the project will be demonstrated at the "SaT5G industry day" event on 27 November 2019 in University of Surrey, United Kingdom.

Workshop: Integration of Optical and Satellite Communication Systems into 5G Edge Networks (OSCto5G)

9 - 13 July 2019

We organised the 1st workshop on "Integration of Optical and Satellite Communication Systems into 5G Edge Networks (OSCto5G)" - in conjunction with 21st International Conference on Transparent Optical Networks (ICTON 2019). 21st ICTON conference event hosted at the Université d'Angers, France.

The session was received very good amount of attention/feedback and papers. 5 invited papers and 1 regular paper were presented. Presenter and audience were composed of both satellite and optical fields from industry, research and academic sectors. There have been many discussions in the session around the satellite, terrestrial and radio resources, and optical connectivity. There were also several positive comments, highlighting the value that satellite can bring to the 5G network.

The outcome of the workshop has been published in IEEE-Xplore Digital Library

7th General Assembly meeting of H2020 5G-ESSENCE project

3 - 4 July 2019

7th general assembly meeting of Horizon 2020 5G-ESSENCE project hosted by IS-Wireless in Warsaw, Poland. All members attending discussed about new business model and next step of the project. Consortium planned to demonstrate a demo in the upcoming weeks at the Egaleo stadium in Athens, Greece. Through a 360 camera, the event will be broadcasted to the eMBMS enabled UEs of the viewers. Larger events with more demos will be held in autumn 2019.

EuCNC 2019 – European Conference on Networks and Communications

17 - 21 June 2019

28th edition of EuCNC 2019 - Enabling Smart Connectivity was co-located with the 7th Global 5G event, which bring together cutting-edge research, industries and businesses, with focus on various aspects of 5G communications systems and networks, including cloud and virtualization solutions, management technologies, and vertical application areas. During the EuCNC event, I am personally involved with the number of successful demonstrations and paper presentations:


  • In SaT5G project, A Video demonstration for delivery of 5G connectivity services to airline passengers showcased from SaT5G project. An integrated approach for the delivery of 5G connectivity services based on a Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) SatCom solution introduced. The innovation targets the next-generation in-flight entertainment services to passengers and connectivity solutions for airplanes with a combined satellite and terrestrial 5G network.

  • In 5GCity project, we presented a demo to show how the 5GCity neutral host platform enables an ICT infrastructure owner to slice and lease its infrastructure to 3rd parties (e.g. MVNO). Also a demo about Video Acquisition & Production, including capture of live high-quality multiple videos from the event and streaming through 5GCity platform presented.


  • Network Slicing-aware NFV Orchestration for 5G Service Platforms: the paper presents a survey of how various network virtualization solutions address slicing, reviewing the management and orchestration tools available to implement network slicing, and describing the slice-aware orchestration platform designed for 5GCity. The 5GCity “Slice Manager” enables the virtualized and non-virtualized network elements and function to be easily logically segmented, configured and reused in order to meet various demands.

  • TALENT - Towards Integration of Satellite and Terrestrial Networks: the paper presents a coordination solution supporting end-to-end services composed of satellite, radio access, cloud and mobile edge computing resources. It provides a single point of interaction for all stakeholders in the ecosystem, i.e. terrestrial and satellite operators as well as 5G vertical providers, where they can launch and manage end-to-end 5G services. The system allows easy integration of multiple applications as well as solutions provided by radio and satellite vendors.

6th General Assembly of SaT5G Project

5 - 7 June 2019

6th General Assembly of Horizon 2020 SaT5G project hosted by SES - Société Européenne des Satellites in Betzdorf, Luxembourg. Partners engaged in refining and overcoming the challenges and corresponding tasks to be done under each Research Pillar and finalize the use cases, scenarios and dissemination and standardization plans for the next months.

Work Package Leaders and Task Leaders present the outcomes and actions related to the task progress. Some of the outcomes helped the SaT5G consortium to keep tracking of results. Partners were agreed to generate value jointly, as a consortium, and achieve the joint objectives set as a project.

Mobile World Congress 2019

25 - 28 February 2019

During mobile world congress, at the 5GCity booth - Hall 4 C64, presenting how 5GCity "neutral host" platform can enable an ICT infrastructure owner to slice and lease its infrastructure to the third-party. 5GCity is developing a distributed cloud and radio platform based on network slicing and service orchestration technologies.

Furthermore, at the booth of i2CAT foundation - Hall Congress Square Stand CS20 booth 11, demonstrating one of the 5GCity use cases "Live Video Acquisition and Production".

The King of Spain, the Spanish Prime Minister, the President of Catalonia and the Major of Barcelona visit MWCapital expo area.

5G-Day: ETSI OSM and H2020 5GCity

6 February 2019

The first 5G-Day of OSM was organized by ETSI OSM to showcasing the amazing work of OSM research ecosystems in support of OSM for 5G. The projects in the OSM Ecosystem represent the best in class of 5G Research that are key to accelerate 5G deployments. The event hosted by CTTC in Castelldefels (Barcelona), co-located with the OSM technical Mid-Release Six meeting and Hackfest event (4-8 February 2019), offering a great opportunity to share and learn with OSM developers and module leaders, and explore further opportunities for synergy and collaboration with 5G research activities.

5G-Day kick-off with the key note by OSM/EUAG members to highlight the importance of 5G technology in support of the companies commitments to 5G deployments; followed by six sessions presentations revealing the commercial applicability and the role of OSM in the research project(s); and then a panel with a representative from each of the individual projects to close out the program. At this event, I was representative of H2020 5GCity project and i2CAT foundation at Session 4.

H2020 5GCity project demonstrates, a distributed cloud and radio platform for municipalities and infrastructure owners acting as 5G neutral hosts. The platform enables to turn a city-infrastructure into a distributed and multi-tenant edge infrastructure by relying on the 5GCity orchestration platform, based on OSM, to manage and orchestrate (NFV + MEC) end-to-end services and creating programmable and on demand network slices.

More coming soon...